How much will a new website cost?

The short answer is that it really depends on what your desired result is. The websites we build range widely in size functionality and other variables. East Point Web takes on many different types of projects, producing an amazing end product customized to fit the needs of each client on every project is our Goal. Our fees are based on our reasonable hourly rate and a projection of how many hours of work the project will take to complete. So Contact us via email or phone, we can have a short chat about your website and then we will supply you with a Free Price Estimate customized to fit your exact project and desired outcome.

Do you do free estimates?

YES! The first step of every project is to supply the client with a free estimate for the cost of their project.

Do you build mobile friendly websites?

Yes! Your Website will be setup for ALL devices! All websites we build are Responsive. This means that the website appearance and layout will be altered depending on the size of the screen it is being viewed on. This way you do not need a separate mobile site. You have one site which is built to automatically adjust to whatever screen size it is being viewed on. Want to see it in action? This website is Responsive, if you resize your browser window making it skinny you will see elements of the page change. the navigation menu changes into a dropdown, items which were side by side become stacked on top of each other, font sizes adjust. This is all part of our responsive design and we will do the same thing for your website!

What is WordPress and why do you use it?

WordPress is an amazing Content management system we use as the foundation of almost all new websites we build. WordPress is wildly popular and has many benefits for the developer and the client.

Will I be able to make changes to my website?

Yes. After your website is built you will have access to the backend of your WordPress admin panel if you wish to make updates to your written content or add new content and images. We offer basic training on each job videos customized for your website will be supplied on each job.

Of course we are always available to make 100% of any changes you wish to make on your website.

Do you build e-commerce websites so I can sell products?

Yes! The shopping cart / e-commerce system we use is called Woo-Commerce. It is widely used and very scalable. Using this e-commerce system we build e-commerce sites which can start with as little as one item and are capable of selling hundreds.

We do it all! We specialize in websites and website services for small businesses. I am located in Point Pleasant NJ but work for companies throughout the United States.