Using Google’s pay per click advertising program, called google adwords, you can assure that your marketing budget is placing you directly in front of the people who are searching online for the exact services which your company offers. There is obviously a huge value in this very targeted type of advertising.

Google Adwords is Pay Per Click Search Result Advertising: This means that when someone searches a specific keyword or phrase on google you can pay to have a search result for your company at the top of the page. You only pay when someone clicks on that search result and visits your website. Hence the term “Pay Per Click” advertising. We can also be very specific about who sees your ad by specifying geographic locations such as cities or states or geographic radiuses from an area to display your ads. To illustrate this let’s consider an actual use case.

Our Client,Tri-State Pressure Washing ,Google Adwords Example: East Point Web has a power washing company as a client called “Tri-State Pressure Washing” and we handle their google adwords for them. If you are in a specified geographic radius that we have defined, and you look up specific keywords, and my client has not spent their daily budget, you will see their ad for some search terms. Here is an ad of theirs shown at the #1 spot of page 1 on a search for “residential powerwashing” (performed inside our 30 mile radius) if that ad gets clicked they will pay 3 or 4 dollars. This ad is only returned to people within a 30 mile radius of jackson NJ: (Notice the green “Ad” icon by each result telling you that this is a google advertising result)

So that is Google Adwords. You pay per click and you set a daily budget for yourself not to exceeded and google handles it automatically. Price varies depending on the search terms you go for but when you consider the potential return of receiving a new lead this form of Search engine marketing makes a lot of sense for many businesses, especially businesses where each new client is potentially a large contract.