Does my business need a website?

Are you asking yourself the question: Does my business really need a website? Let us tell you that the simple and and definite answer is without a doubt: YES!

Think about the last time you needed to find someone to perform a service for you around your home or the last time you wanted to find a new restaurant or to check the weather or compare prices on a product etc etc. How did you do that? For most people chances are the first step was to grab your phone, laptop tablet or whatever else was closest and go straight to Google to perform a search. You are not alone. About 80% of consumers begin their searches for products or services online. If you don’t have a website you are missing out on these opportunities to have your business found by people who are looking for a business offering the services or products you offer. Your website not only help you get found by new customers it also provides a wealth of information to your clients who already know of you but are trying to find your phone number your hours or to figure out if you provide a specific service.

You don’t just need a website…you need a good website!

Ok so now that we have established that your business, without a doubt, does need a website we should consider the quality of the website which you choose to have represent your business online. We know that having a website will help your business gain a sense of credibility in the eyes of potential customer and that if you dont have a website you are most likely losing some business to your competitors who do have websites but let’s also consider the impression your website is leaving on your customers. Having a professional website that is easy for your user to navigate, naturally leads them to the most important information they are looking for and urges your users to contact you is of vital importance. Having a bad website which looks less than professional gives the same message about your company. Unprofessional and with bad attention to detail is not the message you want to convey about your company on first impression. Remember with the majority of consumers your website IS the first impression your potential customers are getting about your business. Let East Point Web make this first impression of your company a great one, one that will win you customers over your competitors time and time again.

You may only get a few seconds to make this first impression. People will quickly navigate away from your site if the immediate impression strikes them in the wrong way. Statistics show this may only take a few seconds.

At East Point Web we build high end websites that convey an impression of professionalism and an astute attention to detail. Our websites are strategically planned marketing tools which make it easy for your visitors to find all of the most important information. We study how our websites are used by our visitors and have tested and proven methods of design that direct your visitors to the actions we want them to take. These actions are usually a contact email, a phone call or in the case of an e-commerce website a purchased product.

Your Website is the most visible and single most important piece of marketing that your company will ever have. You can be confident that when you choose East Point Web to build your website your business will be ensured to make a great first impression and win you clients.