We Are WordPress Specialists

We offer expert wordPress website development at a very reasonable price point. WordPress is being used on up to 20% of the internet. This powerful content management system is sometimes mistakenly thought of as just blog software due to the widespread popularity of creating free blogs on wordpress.com. Yes, the wordpress content management software can be used to build a simple blog but more importantly it can be used to build huge complex websites, which can be relatively easy for the website owner to updadte and manage themselves. For a designer that knows WordPress it opens up a vast array of time saving oppportunities and amazing prebuilt functionality. The real power of this software comes into play when you begin to easily incorporate some of the thousands of available plugins, widgets, and themes. Functionality that prior to wordpress would take a developer many hours can be incorporated in a few clicks by using a plugin and then customized. There are a huge amount of site templates (called themes) which can be easily installed and instantly change the entire appearance of your website or give you an entire design to start with. Again getting this much design work for free or a relatively low price is pretty amazing when you think about the hours it would take a designer/developer to put this together for you from scratch. Making it match your vision becomes a matter of customization instead of a design from scratch. I use WordPress to build beautiful, professional, affordable and complex websites for my clients. I like to include functionality such as image sliders, Calendars, Contact forms, Audio / Video players, Galleries, Portfolios, Newsletters and email list signup forms and functionality, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Integration (such as widgets that automatically include your last few tweets or facebook posts), the list goes on and on. There are so many options, these plugins and widgets are programs which are designed to integrate with wordpress and add their functionality into a website with minimal configuration. You get A LOT of functionality for a little bit of work. There is a long list of benefits for using WordPress to design your Website and I am an expert at building beautiful websites using this software!