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Your website is very often the first thing that your potential customers will see about your business. Having a great website is your first opportunity to make a good impression on them.

At East Point Web we aim to simplify the website development process while providing our client a site which is a beautiful and creative representation of their brand.

It’s not all about looks. The underlying structure of your website is more important than what you see on the front end. The choice of technologies and methods used to build your website will determine whether or not your website is easy for you to update moving forward. Improper setup can negatively affect page speed and search engine rankings. Our sites are always built using our tried and true best practices for website setup.

Our Process Explanation

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New Website Development

Our Process

Step 1
Gather Project Information

  • Each client we build a site for will need to fill out our customer intake form which asks basic questions about your business and the website we will be building. We will review all of your information and if needed we will follow up with a quick call to discuss any further details.
Step 2
Onboard Call

  • We will have a phone call to discuss all of the specifics of the website we are about to build for your company. We will draft up an agreement including all of these specifics of the project and once agreed upon we will be on our way to building your website. 
Step 3
Build Custom Design Mockup

  • The first step in your custom website build is for us to build your “Mockup”. A mockup is kind of a vague term…what East Point Web builds for this mockup is a rough version of the home page of your website including the header and footer design. We then ask for your review of this mockup to make sure we are in line with what you expected. We ask for your approval to move forward or you can request revisions.
Step 4
Review and Revise the Mockup

  • At this stage you review the mockup and if you choose to you may ask us for changes to the overall design and layout. Once We gain approval of the Mockup from you we will then move on to build the rest of the pages of your website.
Step 5
Build the Full Website

  • During this step we build every other page of your website to completion. We add all of the agreed upon functionality, we test all browsers and all devices and submit to you for your approval. You may also request adjustments to the site if neeed at this point.
Step 6
Launch website and website hosting and maintenance

  • Once any revisions you have requested have been completed we launch your new website. We supply hosting and have website maintenance packages which include updates, custom work requests and more.

We use WordPress

At East Point Web we choose to use WordPress to build all of the websites which we build for small businesses. We can use any tool we like, and we choose WordPress over and over again for these projects. We do this for several very good reasons…let us explain:

  • WordPress is the most popular CMS out there (because it is by far the best one!)
  • WordPress is easy to make updates to
  • WordPress is very scalable and easy to extend
  • WordPress offers tons of great features via plugins

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