Services for Digital Agencies

Web Design & Development

We offer Website Design and Website Development services to digital agencies on a consulting basis. We specialize in WordPress and will handle just about any client need whether it is a completely new website or just a small task on an existing website.

We fully understand that for many digital marketing agencies new website development, website updates and other web work can often be sporradic but is almost always a necessary service to provide. The sporadic nature of the work makes it hard for many agencies to keep full time developers or website workers on staff.

This is where East Point Web comes in to solve this problem. We make our specialized website development skillset accessible to agencies whenever they need us with no commitment beyond the task at hand. Our highly skilled technicians are available for as much or as little work as you need.

Our Website maintenance packages are another great option for our Agency clients to have us perform absolutely everything for their client’s website. We are always happy to offer nice discounts for clients needing maintenance packages on multiple websites. Let us care for your clients websites and stop worrying about hosting, security, updates, maintenance, website revisions and virtually everything on your clients’ websites.

Markups, Markups, Markups! We enjoy maintaining mutually profitable relationships with our Digital Agency clients. We keep our hourly rates and maintenance package pricing for agencies at a price well below the market standard in the assumption that our agency clients will be marking up the cost of our our services to their clients (Because you definitely should be). We thrive by helping you offer stellar website services to your clients at a fixed price where you will lock in your profit on each and every task we perform. Your clients remain your clients and we just take care of all of the technical work for their website and then bill your agency for the work. Essentially East Point Web becomes your agency’s website development department!